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Serving South Central North Dakota including Bismarck,

Mandan, Baldwin, Lincoln and the surrounding counties.

In addition to regular pumping, adding a bacteria/enzyme product regularly to your septic tank helps break down solids and keeps your tank from filling up to quickly.


If proper bacteria is not maintained in the tank, solids can build up and clog the drainage system. Maintaining your tanks bacteria level is simple and cost effective.


Sanitary Septic Services Inc. sells an additive that is highly rated and proven. Our product is biodegradable, is safe for the environment, and is completely safe to store and use in the home. Adding it once a month helps to maintain bacterial balance in the septic tank and eliminate odors.


Contact us today to get started giving your septic system the proper care and attention it needs. Call 701-221-2383.

Maintaining Your System


Just one cup a month will ensure your tank

is getting the enzyme/bacteria needed to

maintain a healthy tank. Its easy, safe

and cost effective.